This powder is made of 100% pure White Turmeric, which has been air-dried out of contact with sunlight. It is entirely wholesome and has no added ingredients.


White Turmeric is part of a powerful family of medicinal plants widely used in south-east asia. As part of many culture’s traditional medicine, it is still used nowadays to treat a number of ailments.


White Turmeric is  said to helps with sexual dysfunctions in both men and women. It is sometimes used to strengthen the uterus muscles to help in childbirth, and to cure male erectile dysfunctions. White turmeric is also used to treat colds, digestive disorders, ulcers, gastro-intestinal problems.


When taken in a hot brew, it can also aid in alleviating respiratory ailments.


WARNING: Not suitable for pregnant women!

White Tumeric, Powder (50g)