This powder is made of 100% pure Matcha Green Tea, which has been air-dried out of contact with sunlight. It is entirely wholesome and has no added ingredients.


Though the use of green tea originated in southern chine, its “Matcha” form originated in Japan in the 12th century A.D. Matcha is now a fundamental pillar of the Japanese culture, and is used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Because the entire leaf is ingested in powder form, it is the most potent green tea in the world and, because it is completely unprocessed, also one of the most nutrient-packed. It Is rich in fiber, chlorophyll, vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. It is known to Prevents disease, Lower cholesterol and blood sugar, Enhance mood and aid in concentration, boost metabolism, and detoxify the body. Attention: Contains caffeine.

Origin: Uji, Japan.

Certified USDA/CERES/JAS Organic

Uji Matcha Powder (50g)