Indonesia as a tropical country has grown up various kinds of plants. Most of them could cure many kind of illnesses and to make human’s body still healthy. Traditional medicines made from a certain ingredient of these plants are called “JAMU”. One of the healing plants or herbal traditional medicines is Tamarindus indica L. (scientific name) with common name Tamarind or Asam Jawa in Indonesia. Indonesia people call asam according to its sour taste and jawa because there’s a lot in Centre Java (asam in Javanese language is sour and Jawa is Java).It comes originally from Africa (Savana Africa) but has grown in Indonesia for century. Asam Jawa (fruit) is known to have ability of curing many kinds of diseases such as rheumatism, cough ,fever, allergy and oral ulceration. Besides it’s also used as antidotes in several cases. There are many other uses of this plant, like to keep body healthy and fresh, to eliminate body fat, to enhance body’s vitality, to provide vitamins B and C, and to cure many diseases.

Tamarind pulp is prepared from tamarind fruit pods whose husks have been removed and compressed tightly together. Tamarind pulp can be obtained from most of the Asian and Indian food stores or even in your local convenience stores. In most of the cases, tamarind pulp will not have seeds, but don’t be surprised to find some errant seeds present within the pack. You will find the pulp to be very fibrous, and you will have to soften it by placing in warm water before you are to use it in your cooking.

Tamarind paste is indeed an awesome ingredient which you can use in a variety of dishes and not just Indian and Asian cuisines alone. You can get creative with it and try it in various foods, so long as you don’t forget that it is very sour and using a lot of it can easily ruin your meal.



Tamarindor tamarind (Tamaríndus índica) Pulp with seeds - Asam jawa (250g)

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