Sorghum is an ancient, 100 percent whole grain kernel that is ground into a fine flour that can be used in various ways for cooking and baking. 


The earliest known record of sorghum comes from an archaeological dig site at Nabta Playa, near the Egyptian-Sudanese border, dating back to about 8,000 B.C. After originating in Africa, sorghum grains spread through the Middle East and Asia via ancient trade routes. 


While historically it’s taken a backseat to grain alternatives like corn, quinoa or potatoes, the growing knowledge of gluten sensitivities and the gluten-free diet trend in recent years have now brought sorghum flour into the spotlight.


Aside from its culinary uses for human consumption, sorghum is also considered an important livestock feed in the U.S., not to mention it has promising eco-friendly uses for providing sustainable and natural energy.


Sorghum flour — which is beige or white in color, considered to be “sweet,” softly textured and mild-tasting.

White Sorghum Flour, Whole grain (500g)

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