This spicy herb increases hemoglobin levels and reduces blood sugar

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Arugula (gusenichnykh seed, sisymbrium officinalis, rocket), spicy grass with a light pleasant bitterness, slightly oily to the touch. As a spice used by cooks of Ancient Rome.

This plant of the cabbage family, which is always distinguished by an abundance of vitamins and other nutrients. To this family are: radish, mustard, horseradish, radish and all types of cabbage: belokochannaya, broccoli, kohlrabi, and others. It also includes many medicinal plants: cress, shepherd's purse and other weeds-honey plants.

Arugula gained a lot of popularity among lovers of the Mediterranean, especially Italian, cuisine for its special nut-mustard to taste. It is added in salads mixed with lettuce, mix in the snacks from the cheese or just sprinkle it with boiled potatoes. There are recipes for pasta, risotto and pizza instead of Basil, use fresh young leaves and shoots of arugula. Even the pesto sauce can be prepared not from the Basilica, and from its leaves. Arugula fried in olive oil and added to pasta and rice. It enhances the taste of beans and other dishes from leguminous plants.Seeds of arugula is used for making hot mustard. In addition, it serves the oil, which is added in the canning of vegetables.

Thanks to Mediterranean cuisine fashion arugula spread worldwide, because of which it became the activity of sowing in the greenhouse and in the gardens and in the home. By the way, to grow arugula is easy, because it requires no special care except watering, and generally pretty unpretentious.

The composition of the salad includes vitamins E, b, C, a (beta-carotene). 100 g of this plant contains the daily norm of vitamin K, which heals wounds and increases blood clotting. It also contains zinc, magnesium, selenium, sodium, copper, phosphorus, manganese and iron.Thanks to biologically active substances contained in the composition of the arugula, it has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and digestive processes, has lactancy, expectorant and diuretic effect, actively fights disease-causing viruses and bacteria, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood has a strengthening effect on the immune system, reduces the amount contained in the blood sugar, regulates water-salt exchange of the body and is a preventive measure for many cancers. Also, it is recommended to drink with varicose veins and hypertension.

Arugula is an excellent diet tool. It is low in calories: 100 g of lettuce contains only 25 calories. This plant contains many substances that help keep a strict diet to the people not to lose vitality and health, because in arugula contains a lot of fiber, giving the feeling of satiety.

Arugula has many medicinal properties, it is very useful for gastric ulcer and gastritis. So, American gastroenterologists have invented an effective way to treat stomach ulcer, based on the use of dishes of salad, because it strengthens the stomach wall. Unlike other spice plants, arugula, surprisingly, has no contraindications, except for rare allergic reactions if you are hypersensitive.эта-пряная-трава-повышает-уровень-гем/


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