Ridged gourd, Luffa Health Benefits :
1. Prevents eye ailments
2. Cardiovascular benefits
3. Prevent diabetes
4. Prevents muscle pain
5. Reduce arthritis
6. Migraine headaches
7. Brain function


Nutritional in Ridged gourd, Luffa :
1. Protein 1.17 g
2. Fat 0.61 g
3. Vitamin A 463 µg
4. Vitamin B6 0.176 mg
5. Vitamin C 10.1 mg
6. Vitamin B2 0.075 mg


Traditional uses :
Various parts of the plant are used in the folkloric ethnomedicine. It is believed that Luffa Fruit is pectoral, carminative, anthelmintic, cooling to the blood; facilitate circulation, antiseptic, emmenagogue and galactagogue. The fruit is used as a tonic to the genital organs, beneficial to the intestines, demulcent and cooling or warming to the stomach. The dried fruit is used as an emetic after steeped.

Ridged gourd (Luffa aegyptiacaa) - Gambas (200g)

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