Nutmeg is known worldwide for its extraordinary aroma. At all times this spice was considered the most powerful love herb because it is a powerful aphrodisiac. 

Nutmeg trees grow in India, Brazil, Africa, where their large plantations. Home to Muscat are the Islands of Sumatra and Java. The tree can bear fruit for 40 years and lives about 100 years. In appearance the nutmeg is similar to apricot with aromatic seeds inside. When the nut ripens, the fruit splits into two halves. The nutmeg fruit is reminiscent of apricots Harvested nuts are dried in the sun, cleaned and re-dried seeds over the fire until they become brown. Thus for obtaining seed nuts can take several months. The beneficial properties of nutmeg was known already in ancient times. It was used as an additive in food, flavor of the air, and also as a remedy for diseases. In Europe, this spice has learned after traveling the Portuguese and Dutch sailors. These two countries were kept in the hands of a global monopoly on the spice, and with it high prices. You can buy a powder or whole nuts, then grate them on a grater at home Nutmeg is advisable to buy in the nuclei, as in this form it keeps the flavor and useful properties. This spice is widely used in food production and in the manufacture of culinary products. Its essential oil is an important component in the production of perfumes, tobacco, aromatherapy, Oriental medicine.  The seed of nutmeg contains 15% essential oils, and the rest is proteins, starch, pectin, various micronutrients such as, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins (e.g. A, b, E), starch and pectin. While nutmeg is a spice is very high in calories as 100 g of fruit is 556 calories. Even small quantities of ground nutmeg manifests its beneficial properties.  Well-known for its tonic effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system. Numeg is used for the normalization of sleep and calm in a stressful situation. By this means cure the disorder of sexual desire and impotence. If you add the spice in hot tea, it is possible to quickly cope with the cold and strengthen the immune system. Paste prepared from nutmeg and heated sunflower oil, helps with arthritis,osteochondrosis, and arthritis. Paste impose on the sore spot, cover with foil and wrap with a warm cloth. Keep the compress need before it cools down. Nutmeg is a wonderful remedy for constipation, diarrhea and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It is a great way to strengthen memory, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the hair.  The fruit of nutmeg is widely used in medicine, and not only popular, but traditional. They help to cope with diseases of the esophagus, breast, varicose veins, multiple sclerosis, headache and many others.  The fruits of nutmeg are often used for weight loss, despite the high calorie content of the product. It is enough to eat a small amount of nuts and you can stay satisfied for very long. All nuts have a large amount of fatty acids that can be used for the purpose of weight loss. When entering the human body they increase insulin production. This leads to the fact that hunger is not felt for a long time, but in fats or carbohydrates, there is no need. Nuts can be added to any food: salads, first and second courses, snacks. Without nutmeg, it is difficult to imagine the production of food products, as it is a mandatory component of any baking, cheesecake desserts, chocolate, compotes, sauces, ice creams, meat and vegetable dishes. Without him the production of ketchup and tomato juice, and various alcoholic beverages (e.g., wine), milk shakes, canned fish from fish, spice blends and other products. Of crusts nutmeg make the essence, which is used in Europe in the preparation of cheese, mustard and sauces. Add nutmeg to food adopted in many countries, for example Italy with its help enhance the flavor of spaghetti or rice, in France, dishes with mushrooms and cheese. The smell of nutmeg is preserved as long as possible, it must be treated immediately before laying in the dish. For example, in the preparation of a sauce nut, you need to add at the very end, and flour products – directly in the dough. To the meat add the walnut during their heat treatment. Contraindications to the use Despite the useful properties, nutmeg improper use can cause substantial harm to the health, cause severe intoxication, cardiac abnormalities and even lead to death. It is composed of so-called fatty oil with a poisonous substance called elemicin, which has a narcotic and hallucinogenic effect. To use more than three kernels is dangerous to health.  An overdose of nutmeg nuts are very dangerous to health and life In case of overdose can occur reactions such as hallucinations, feeling of hangover, frequent palpitations, fainting, drowsiness, headache, redness of the eyes, loss of coordination, fever and death in severe cases. We need to use useful properties of this plant, while not causing damage to health. To learn about the benefits of fennel and its application in folk medicine, click here. Also read about the fennel, its therapeutic properties and contraindications. If you use nutmeg in reasonable doses, it will bring only benefits, to help cope with various diseases, give the dishes an extraordinary taste and aro

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