The coagulant for tofu. Perfectly soluble in water. Is used to get a tofu with a smooth and gentle structure. Nigari is the traditional coagulant used in Japan since ancient times. Then used sea water or concentrated sea water. In natural nigari in addition to the magnesium chloride may contain other salts inherent in sea water: magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, calcium chloride. The latter is often used as flocculation in North America.
Magnesium chloride has a bitter taste, tofu with it turns out not bitter, on the contrary, he has a very unique, harmonious taste. 
Dosage. For cooking plain tofu, take 2-3 g of crystals of magnesium chloride in 1 litre soy milk (15-35 g magnesium chloride per 1 kg of dry soy beans, accounting for 2-3% of the weight of dry soybeans). To prepare tofu, take 10 g of magnesium chloride per 1 kg of dry soybeans (1%). Crystals diluted in warm (60 C) water. If for some reason you have formed the sediment (there was incomplete dissolution), sludge and in any case do not pour in the soy milk.


Nigari, Magnesium Chloride (100g)

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