“Matahari” Sake Washed Cheese: Named to match its colour, this cheese is crafted with techniques first mastered by Trappist monks. Produced in various locations around the world, Trappist cheeses characteristically have a pungent rind aroma, yet a mild interior. Our version of Trappist soft cheese is made from whole cow milk and cream, giving it a buttery spreadable consistency similar to that of Port-Salut. Over weeks of careful ageing, our “Matahari” cheese is painstakingly washed time and again with Sake to provide a favourable environment for the development of its orange-coloured rind and unique flavor. Please note that the Sake ferments into vinegar on the rind, so there is no residual alcohol content in this product.

"Matahari" Sake Washed Cheese (222g)