Elettaria cardamomum, commonly known as green or true cardamom, is a herbaceous, perennial plant in the ginger family, native to southern India. It is the most common of the species whose seeds are used as a spice called cardamom.

The therapeutic properties of cardamom

Because seeds spices contain up to 8% essential oil and a large number of vitamins and minerals, they have on the human body positive impact and is able to eliminate various diseases.

So, presented the spice is used for the prevention and treatment of ailments such as:

  • Cardamom improves blood circulation, which contributes to the prevention and elimination of cardiovascular diseases, paralysis and rheumatism, where the saturation of bone, cartilage and muscle tissues useful trace elements and boosts the immune system and normalizes blood and blood pressure.

  • Are the seasoning widely used in Chinese medicine. Here spend kind of procedure for cleaning the intestines and in the prevention of heaviness in the stomach.

  • If a person says nausea and vomiting, he may chew a few cardamom seeds that will have a positive impact on the stomach.

  • To strengthen the nervous system and also should have crushed cardamom with honey.

  • One Suwannee seed this spice is invigorating in the morning, eliminating the morning lethargy and sleepiness, and eliminates mouth odor.

  • Cardamom is recommended for the development of viral diseases and colds. This spice perfectly cleanses the bronchi and lungs of mucus and other masses that interfere with normal breathing human.

It should be noted that cardamom is used by ladies for weight loss. In India, for this purpose, the spice was used as early as the 4th century BC.

The magical properties of cardamom

Cardamom is known for its magical properties. Even in ancient times, this spice was used for carrying out rituals and ceremonies. This claim is a historical manuscript.

And the cardamom was preparing a special potion that were subsequently added to our food lover to a love spell on yourself.

Cardamom: instructions for use

Presents a natural component used to treat a variety of diseases, which entails compliance with the established instructions for use. Should be a small list of recipes consumption of cardamom in the treatment of diseases:

  • If a person is sick, he can just chew 2-3 seed spices. Because of its impact on the stomach, it is often recommended to take in the implementation to transport it.

  • If there is a disorder of the intestine, cardamom in the amount of three crushed seeds and grated a small amount of ginger brewed Cup of boiling water. Then, the infusion should be boiled for one minute and leave to cool slightly. Drink the resulting broth as regular tea. Similarly, you can drink regular tea with cardamom and ginger. This is the same team should be consumed with constipation.

  • As prevention of viral diseases of cardamom is used together with honey, mixed in a 1:1 ratio.

  • Cardamom for weight loss used in combination with green tea and lemon juice. Single Cup brewed organic green tea accounts for a quarter of a teaspoon of ground cardamom and a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Drink this mixture each time in the morning – it promotes normal digestion and increase metabolism.

  • If you decide to clean, it is recommended to pour a glass of boiling water teaspoon of ground cardamom and a bit of filtered supernatant composition to drink for a few days – the daily dose is a quarter of one Cup.

  • Diarrhea is also used infusion of spices, fennel seeds and dill. For this, all components are mixed in equal amounts, and teaspoon collection pour a glass of boiling water. The infusion is allowed to cool and take one tablespoon, increasing the number to a quarter Cup. Take the infusion 2-3 times a day.

  • Milk with cardamom consume at night as a great sedative. In a glass of milk accounts for only 2-3 of the milled grain.

  • As described above, coffee with cardamom has an excellent tonic and invigorating effects on the human body. This drink allows not only to Wake up and get rid of sleepiness in the daytime, but also eliminates the weakness after intense physical work or exercise. The preparation of the drink is also like tea and milk. On the glass coffee decompressed approximately 1-3 grain described spices. Should drink small SIPS, enjoying the pleasant aroma and taste.

Similar properties to date not proven, but this spice is considered an aphrodisiac – spice is able to provoke sexual attraction to the opposite sex.

All the magical and medicinal properties of cardamom are due to presence of essential oils and their favourable impact on the human body.

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