Greek yogurt has been praised and awarded lately for its qualities attracting constantly more and more fans from around the world. The creamy texture and somewhat sour taste is becoming popular outside Greece both in households and restaurants, which use it for its unique flavor and high protein values.

The straining process separating the whey and lactose from the rest of the mixture offers more protein, less fat, more probiotics and a much fuller taste than regular yogurts. The Greek style yogurt is not merely an easy and healthy desert you can enjoy, but can be rather used easily in many ways that will take your meals one step further on the taste scale. So why not experiment with the yogurt just like they do in Greece?

There is always an easy way to enjoy Greek yogurt by simply adding seasonal fruit, nuts, honey or marmalade. A desert that is both nutritious and delightful for hot summer days. Alternatively, add berries or strawberries to the yogurt and then make tasty ice cream by freezing it for a few hours. Eating yogurt and fruit or cereal for breakfast is a must for those who try to stay fit and healthy.

Greek Yoghurt - Yogurt Yunani (500ml)

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