There are a lot of unsaturated fats as well as mucilage in the linseed. The presence of these compounds in the plant turns the flax into a highly valued remedy especially for treating many of the intestinal and chest conditions. Seeds consumed can induce a soothing action along the digestive tract and these are best when they are taken whole instead of as jelly or infusion. The whole seeds also tend to draw out toxins in the body and absorb fluid and swell up into a jellylike mass inside the body - in this way, the seeds turn into bulk laxative and are beneficial for the body. Essential fatty acids can also be obtained from the seeds if the seeds are split before they are swallowed whole. The urinary tract is greatly benefited by the seeds, to a lesser extent compared to how the benefits on the digestive system. Topical application of crushed flax seed poultice can be beneficial in the treatment of chronic coughs, in treating problems such as bronchitis, in the treatment of pleurisy, as well as in the treatment of emphysema in patients. External and painful boils can be relieved and subdued by application of poultice made from crushed linseeds or linseed flour. A mixture of linseed oil and red wine is recommended by old Portuguese books for the treatment of wounds.

SEEDS - The linseeds can be taken for the treatment of constipation, patients can consume about 1-2 tbsp of the seeds, by taking it with one or two glasses of water. When taken with water, seeds swell in the bowel and endow a gentle action and have a bulking laxative effect on the body. At breakfast, flax seeds can also be mixed with items like muesli, cereal, or with some honey and soft cheese to make a delicious repast. It is vital to include a lot of fluids when eating the seeds.
INFUSION - The linseed infusion can be taken for the treatment of conditions such as coughs and to ease problems like sore throats. The seeds can be flavoured using honey and lemon juice for ease of consumption.
POULTICE - A flax seed poultice can be prepared by crush the seeds, and this can be applied as a remedy to treat boils, skin abscesses, as well as ulcers. The herbal linseed poultice can also be applied locally for relieving the pain of pleurisy.
MACERATION - Thick herbal mucilage can be obtained by soaking the seeds in some water. This can be taken for treating inflammations affecting the mucous membranes in the body, during problems such as gastritis and pharyngitisin patients.

Linseed or Flaxseed (Brown) - Biji Rami (250g)