Cumin,  is a spice which has many thousands of years, used not only for improvement of flavoring qualities of dishes, but also as a medicinal drug.

But first it is necessary to clarify this point: what is the difference between caraway and cumin?

The difference between caraway and cumin.

Cumin seeds look similar to caraway seeds. 

Cumin, or Jeera, is Cumīnum cymīnum – plant of the genus Cuminum Umbelliferae (Umbellíferae). Caraway also belongs to the family Umbelliferae. But caraway — Cárum cárvi is a different genus (Carum). .


For any violations of the digestive tract –  be it colic, flatulence, indigestion, weak digestive fire, pain and discomfort in the stomach or intestines, constipation.

For pain in the stomach. It is necessary to combine ground seeds of cumin with asafetida and rock salt in equal parts. A teaspoon of the mixture is dissolved in 200 ml. of warm water and drink, or chew thoroughly and drink.

With a lack of breast milk. Women after childbirth is recommended to drink tea or warm milk with the addition of cumin, fennel, cardamom, which will facilitate milk production and establishment of lactation.

In diseases of the respiratory system: bronchitis, wet and dry cough, tuberculosis. Has protivovospalitellname and expectorant properties.

At elevated temperatures, colds, flu. Can be used as a natural and safe febrifuge, in combination with coriander and fennel, which are necessary in equal parts brew kipyatkov is based teaspoon of spice per 200 ml. of hot water.

At elevated stress, nervousness, insomnia or other sleep disorders, and nervous system. Normalizes and stabilizes the nervous system.

At reduced function of the kidneys, swelling. Can be used as a drink based on cumin (2 tsp in 200 ml. of hot water) and for its seeds which have a mild diuretic effect.

At high slagging of the organism. Cumin promotes the excretion of end products of digestion, undigested and not fully digested food and prevents accumulation in the body of toxins (AMA).

Renal colic and reduced kidney function. Has a mild diuretic, analgesic, stimulates the work of this body and the entire urinaryy system.

For skin diseases, abrasions, minor cuts. You can use a decoction of the seeds of cumin, rubbing the damaged area.

For menstrual cramps. Chew and swallow a teaspoon of toasted on a dry pan until a slight spicy smell of cumin seeds and drink a spoon of aloe juice.

In human brain, in particular memory function, and deterioration of vision. Add cumin as a spice in food and also once a day drink tea with the addition of seeds of cumin.

Prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, fifth disease, heart attacks, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.


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