We are proud to offer this magnificent sugar. If any sugar deserves the name, this is it. Its complex flavours, its not-overwhelming sweetness, and it's dark rich colour will make you fall in love with it. Use it in cakes, to make a wonderful caramel, or to sweeten your morning coffee or tea!


It is extracted from saps of coconuts in the Jembrana regency of Bali. It is then hand processed locally by a cooperative of women in the traditional fashion, allowing for the mineral and vitamin content of the sap to be maintained. Due to it's "rawness" (if is not industrially processed), it also has a lower Glycemic Index (GI) than normal sugars, aiding in the prevention of diabetes. If you were looking for good sugar, this is one of the healthiest and most environmentally/socially conscious you could find.


We have partnered with Dompet Sosial Madani to distribute this Gula Semut in the south of Bali. 

Coconut Sugar - Gula Semut Kelapa (250g)

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