Following traditional techniques for crafting English cheddar, we are proud to offer PT. Pasti Enak’s cheddar cheese. This cheddar is cave-aged for a minimum of 4 months. The careful cave aging process results in the perfect synthesis and development of flavors and textures found in other world class cheddars.

Mild Cheddar: Aged 4-5 months. This is medium-sharpness cheese with a rich cheddar flavor and softer texture.


Smoked Cheddar: Our mild cheddar, slowly cold smoke with coconut husks over a period of two months. The result is a rich cheddar with the exceptionally smooth aroma of coconut smoke.The smoking process grants a strong but not overpowering smokeyness, perfect to be combined with meats or other strongly-flavoured dishes. 

Cheddar, Smoked (175g)