Black Beans originate from the American continents, especially in the South and Central regions. Black Beans are among the main staples of indigenous people throughout the americas. Not surprising, as they are known to be high in Fibre, Zinc, Phosphorus and Folate.


A 100g portion contains roughly one third of the daily recommended intage of Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium. The addition of considerable amounts of Calcium make Black Bean a powerful bone-reinforcing food, and a especially suited for women as a preventative of Osteoporosis. 


Black Beans are also rich in Folate, an important substance which controls the healthy development of the foetus' midline. Out of all beans, they are the ones the highest antioxidant activity, particularly due to the high contant of Anthocyanin, a powerful flavonoid.


If all these benefits were not enough, Black Beans are particularly suited for vegetarians in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and protein intake. They aid in giving a full and satisfied feeling, making them suitable for people watching their caloric intake.


Black Turtle Bean - Kacang Hitam (250g)