Confused as to what buy your friends and family for Christmas? Look no further!


Every year, the beauty industry produces more than 76.8 billion plastic packages. This set is intended to show that our own beauty and health should not come at the expense of the beauty and health of our planet.


This specially crafted Beauty set is intended for those who are just starting their journey to a zero-waste lifestyle (or, perhaps, those that should start but haven't yet!). It contains all the essentials required to start with small actions that make a big difference. Not only you'll be giving your present a gift, but future generations as well.

The goods for these hampers will be packed in a reusable and disposable hand-woven bamboo basket.


NOTE: Christmas Hampers will be shipped on or after December 23th only! If you would like us to deliver them to a friend, please provide us with their full addresses and phone numbers.





1 x Pack of Bamboo Cotton Buds (100pcs)
1 x Bamboo Toothbrush
1 x Small Loofah Shower Pad
1 x Resuable Make-up Remover Pads (3pcs)
1 x Sisal Bath Sponge/Soap Glove
2 x Natural Bali Jiwa Handcrafted Soaps (Mix and Match)
1 x Shampoo Bar (Two Variants)
1 x Reusable and Biodegradable Woven Basket

Beauty Pack Zero-Waste Hamper