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Our Fruit & Veggies

Fruit and Veggies should be your main nutritional intake, that's why we try make sure that they free from any chemicals that shouldn't naturally be there. In order to inform and guide you transparently, here is what the terminology means:

  • Organic, Certified: The farmers/producers are certified organic by LeSOS or Organik Indonesia.

  • Organic, Non Cert.: We ensure that the producers engage in organic-agriculture, but they do not hold a certification.

  • Chemical Free: The farmers/producers do not use any synthetic chemicals (including Urea), but cannot guarantee being 100% free of contaminants.

  • Conventional: Products from non-organic and conventional agriculture - only if there is no alternative!

  • Heritage: These are native ancient or heirloom crops, which maintain the cultural relevance of traditional farming techniques of the island.