Organic and Natural Products



Welcome to our place! We are a family-run, independent organic shop offering the best quality organically sourced produce from sustainable and eco-friendly farming projects. We offer a great place to buy, taste and embrace the organic community, so please enjoy your stay on the site and the fresh taste of proper food.

Bali Jiwa is a collective of local food producers, farmers, and entrepreneurs on the island of Bali. Our aim is to cut out the corporate middle man and provide farmers with the dignity and livelihood they deserve, and our customers with the quality and chemical-free food they desire.

We differ from the usual food delivery and "organic" products businesses in may ways. Click here if you want to learn more about what makes us different, and sets us apart from our competitors.

At Bali Jiwa, we are not just passionate about food, we are also passionate about farmers and fairness. 



Our philosophy sets us apart from our competitors:


  • We don't deceive our customers!​ 

We strive to bring the most wholesome, delicious, highest-quality products we can find. However, if it is not truly organic, we won't say that it is. Transparency is the key, and it's up to you - the consumer - to make the choice.While not all our foods may be certified organic, we ensure that they are not treated with artificial pesticides or fertilisers. We regularly inspect all our facilities and suppliers to guarantee you the highest standards of quality. That way, we can keep both you, the farmers, and the environment happy and healthy.

  • We are fair.

We pay the farmers fairly for their products and, at the same time, we don't cheat our customers. We only add a modest profit margin to allow us to operate, and we don't hike the prices to exorbitant levels just becasue it says "Organic" on the label.​ That way, we also make healthy food more accessible to the local population, rather than just the foreign guests. Our intention is to make everybody healthy and more conscious.

  • We adhere to the original definition of "Organic".

When we say "Organic", we mean foods that are uncontaminated with synthetic chemicals, and that are socially, economically, and environmentally sensitive to the needs of producers and consumers. NO hybrids, NO GMOs, and NO massive mono-cultures.

  • We are socially conscious.

We re-invest part of our profits to provide support for, and stimulate the creation of, sustainable agrarian practices throughout Bali. We particularly focus on transmitting traditional agrarian knowledge to the youth and women, so as to train the next generation of sustainable farmers.

  • We are rigorous and strict in quality control

We partner with local NGOs and activists to consult, evaluate, and maintain the high-standards we set for ourselves, and the farmers we work with.